Scheme Of Examinations

Semester 1
Course No. Course Title
IN-BTY-101 Biomolecules
IN-BTY-102 Biomolecules - Practicals
IN-BTY-103 General Microbiology
IN-BTY-104 General Microbiology - Practicals
IN-ZOO-101 Cell Biology
IN-ZOO-102 Cell Biology - Practicals
Semester 2
Course No. Course Title
IN-BTY-201 Enzymology
IN-BTY-202 Enzymology-Practicals
IN-BTY-203 Genetics
IN-BTY-204 Genetics - Practicals
IN-ZOO-201 Mammalian -Physiology
IN-ZOO-202 Mammalian -Physiology-Practicals
Semester 3
Course No. Course Title
IN-BTY-301 Metabolism
IN-BTY-302 Metabolism- Practicals
IN-BTY-303 PlantAnatomy and Physiology
IN-BTY-304 Plant Anatomy and Physiology-Practicals
IN-BTY-305 Inorganic Chemistry-1
IN-BTY-306 Physical Chemistry-1
IN-BTY-307 Organic Chemistry-1
IN-BTY-308 Chemistry-I Practicals
IN-ZOO-301 Developmental Biology
IN-ZOO-302 Developmental Biology-Practicals
Semester 10
Course No. Course Title
IN-BTY-1000 Project
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