Scheme Of Examinations

Semester 1
Course No. Course Title
MTBT-101 Genomics and Proteomics
MTBT-103 Advances in Bioprocess Engineering
*Program Elective-I MTBT-105 Phytomedicine
*Program Elective-I MTBT-107 Microbial Diversity
*Program Elective-I MTBT-109 Fungal Biotechnology
*Program Elective -II MTBT-111 Biomaterial Technology
*Program Elective -II MTBT-113 Biosensor Technology
*Program Elective -II MTBT-115 Protein Engineering
MTBT-117 Bio-analytical Techniques Lab
MTBT-119 Fermentation Technology Lab
MTRM-111 Research Methodology and IPR
***Audit Course-I MTAD-101 English for Research Paper Writing
***Audit Course-I MTAD-103 Disaster Management
***Audit Course-I MTAD-105 Sanskrit for Technical Knowledge
***Audit Course-I MTAD-107 Value Education
Semester 2
Course No. Course Title
MTBT-102 Drug Discovery and Development
MTBT-104 Medical Biotechnology
*Program Elective -III MTBT-106 Metabolic Engineering
*Program Elective -III MTBT-108 Biofuel Technology
*Program Elective -III MTBT-110 Advanced Industrial Biotechnology
**Program Elective -IV MTBT-112 Biomedical Equipments
**Program Elective -IV MTBT-114 Gene Therapy and Gene Editing
**Program Elective -IV MTBT-116 Metagenomics
MTBT-118 Molecular Techniques Lab
MTBT-120 Advanced Molecular Techniques. Lab
# MTBT-122 Mini Project
*** Audit Course - II MTAD-102 Constitution of India
*** Audit Course - II MTAD-104 Pedagogy Studies
*** Audit Course - II MTAD-106 Stress Management by Yoga
*** Audit Course - II MTAD-108 Personality Development through Life Enlightenment Skills.
Semester 3
Course No. Course Title
MTBT-201 Advanced Food Biotechnology
Open Elective MTOE-201 Business Analytics
Open Elective MTOE-203 Industrial Safety
Open Elective MTOE-205 Operations Research
Open Elective MTOE-207 Cost Management of Engineering Projects
Open Elective MTOE-209 Composite Materials
Open Elective MTOE-211 Waste to Energy
MTBT-203 Dissertation Part-I
Semester 4
Course No. Course Title
MTBT-202 Dissertation Part- II
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