Scheme Of Examinations

Semester 1
Course No. Course Title
DT-01-01 Systems and warfare Platforms
DT-01-02 Warfare Simulations & Strategies
DT-01-03 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
DT-01-L01 Systems and Platforms Lab
DT-01-L02 Warfare Simulations & Strategies Lab
* Elective-IDT-EL1-01 Rockets & Missiles Fundamentals
* Elective-IDT-EL1-02 Advanced Thermal Engineering
* Elective-IDT-EL1-03 Numerical methods for science & engineering
* Elective-IDT-EL1-0 Communication Technology
* Elective-IDT-EL1-05 Advanced Mechanical Engineering
** Elective-II DT-EL2-01 Autonomy and Navigation Technology
** Elective-II DT-EL2-02 Optimization theory & applications
** Elective-II DT-EL2-03 Military Electronics System Engineering
** Elective-II DT-EL2-04 System Engineering & Analysis
Semester 2
Course No. Course Title
DT-CSS-01 Radar Technologies
DT-CSS-02 Digital & satellite Communication and Navigation from Space
DT-CSS-03 Navigation from Space 4 - - 4 40 60 4 3 3 DT-CSS-03 Tactical battlefield Communication & Electronic Warfare
DT-CSS-L01 Radar Technologies Lab
DT-CSS-L02 Digital & satellite Communication and Navigation from Space Lab
DT-DET-01 Directed Energy Sources (Lasers, Microwave)
DT-DET-02 Beam Control Technology, Target acquisition, Beam Pointing & Tracking
DT-DET-03 Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) System Engineering
DT-DET-L01 Directed Energy Sources (Lasers, Microwave) Lab
DT-DET-L02 Beam Control Technology, Target acquisition, Beam Pointing & Tracking Lab
* Elective-III DT-EL3-01 Robotics (MSS, MCC)
* Elective-III DT-EL3-02 EMI/EMC in Military Systems
* Elective-III DT-EL3-03 Defence Electro-Optics and Imaging System
* Elective-III DT-EL3-04 Structural Dynamics and Aero-elasticity
* Elective-III DT-EL3-05 Safety, Health & Hazard Management
* Elective-III DT-EL3-06 Fundamental of telemetry, telecomm and transponder
* Elective-III DT-EL3-07 Jamming and ECM/ECCM technologies
* Elective-III DT-EL3-08 Software defined Radios
* Elective-III DT-EL3-09 Advanced Lightweight and Composite Structures
* Elective-III DT-EL3-10 Test methodologies for DEW systems (Lasers & Microwav
* Elective-III DT-EL3-11 Advanced Analytical Techniques / Lab testing
* Elective-III DT-EL3-12 Sonar System Engineering
** Elective-IV DT-EL4-01 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Design
** Elective-IV DT-EL4-02 Naval Ocean Analysis and Prediction
** Elective-IV DT-EL4-03 Modeling & simulation of Laser Matter Interaction
** Elective-IV DT-EL4-04 Computational Aerodynamics
** Elective-IV DT-EL4-05 Launch Vehicle Design & Analysis
** Elective-IV DT-EL4-06 Acquisition, Tracking & Pointing Technology
** Elective-IV DT-EL4-07 Data acquisition, tracking & post flight analysis
** Elective-IV DT-EL4-08 Air independent propulsion & batteries
** Elective-IV DT-EL4-09 Advanced digital modulation technologies & standards
** Elective-IV DT-EL4-10 Trajectories modeling & simulation
** Elective-IV DT-EL4-11 Sensor Technology
Semester 3
Course No. Course Title
DT-PDP-01 Project Dissertation- Phase 1
Seminar/Industrial Training
Semester 4
Course No. Course Title
DT-PDP-02 Project DissertationPhase- 2
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