Scheme Of Examinations

Semester 1
Course No. Course Title
B-ANTH-101 Introduction to Anthropology
B-ANTH-102 Primatology
B-ANTH-103 Anthropology Practical Based on B-ANTH-101 & B- ANTH-102
Semester 2
Course No. Course Title
B-ANTH-201 Fundamentals of Palaeoanthropology
B-ANTH-202 Palaeoanthropology
B-ANTH-203 Anthropology Practical Based on B-ANTH-201 &B-ANTH-202
Semester 5
Course No. Course Title
DSE* Anthropology (i) B-ANTH-501(i) Human Genetics
DSE* Anthropology (i) B-ANTH-502(i) Human Population Genetics
DSE* Anthropology (i) B-ANTH-503(i) Anthropology Practical Based on B-ANTH-501(i) &B-ANTH-502 (i)
DSE* Anthropology (ii) B-ANTH-501(ii) Physiological Anthropology
DSE* Anthropology (ii) B-ANTH-502(ii) Nutritional Anthropology
DSE* Anthropology (ii) B-ANTH-503(ii) Anthropology Practical Based on B-ANTH-501(ii) &B-ANTH-502 (ii)
Semester 6
Course No. Course Title
DSE* Anthropology (i) B-ANTH-601(i) Human Ecology and Adaptation
DSE* Anthropology (i) B-ANTH-602(i) Applications of Anthropology
DSE* Anthropology (i) B-ANTH-603(i) Anthropology Practical Based on B-ANTH-601(i) &B-ANTH-602 (i)
DSE* Anthropology (ii) B-ANTH-601(ii) Forensic Anthropology
DSE* Anthropology (ii) B-ANTH-602(ii) Sports and Nutritional Anthropology
DSE* Anthropology (ii) B-ANTH-603(ii) Anthropology Practical Based on B-ANTH-601(ii) &B-ANTH-602 (ii)
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