Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Sports Infrastructure

  • Total area of University Sports Complex
21.3 Acres (approx.)
a) 18 Acres (grassy): Play grounds/Pavilion including offices of Directorate of Sports

b) 3.3 Acres: Shooting Range under construction
  • Swimming Pool
A standard International Swimming Pool of the dimension 50 x 21 mts. with diving facilities.
  • Gymnasium Hall (Old)
With the dimension 130 x 80 x 25 feet
  • New Multi Purpose Hall
With the dimension of 210 x 160 x 45 feet
  • Tennis Courts
Four Grassy
  • Volleyball Courts
Four (one with flood light)
  • Football Grounds
One Grassy
  • Hockey Ground
Two Grassy
  • Kabaddi Ground
Two Outdoor
  • Kabaddi Mats
Two sets
  • Indoor Badminton
Two Indoor Cemented
  • Kho-Kho Court
Two Outdoor
  • Handball Courts
Two Outdoor
  • Basketball Courts
Three (cemented) two outdoor (one with flood light) and one Indoor
  • Track
A standard 400 mts Grassy
  • Table Tennis Hall
  • Boxing Ring
  • Weight Lifting Platform
  • Wrestling Mats
  • Judo Mats
One set
  • Gymnastics equipments
One Set
  • Cricket Pitch
One Complete Set
  • Shooting Range (80 targets) Double Storey
  • Climbing Wall
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