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Research Scholars

Name Date of Research Area of Research Work Email
Nidhi Mehta 25/10/2016 William Faulkner’s Religious Vision: A Study of Selected Works
Parul Soni 24/03/2017 “Search for Identity in the Select Fiction of N. Scott Momaday, Leslie Marmon Silko and Louise Erdrich”
Rachna 25/03/2017 Manifestations of Indian Sensibility: A Sociocultural Study of Amit Chaudhuri’s Novels.
Sunil Kumar 25/03/2017 Integration and Assimilation in Uma Parameswaran’s Selected Works
Pooja Rani 20/09/2017 A Texture of Memory: A Study of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Select Novels.
Amardeep 24/05/2018 Representations of Past in the Novels of Graham Swift: A Postmodernist Study
Devender Singh 19/09/2018 African-American
Sarika 19/09/2018 Afro-American Literature
Devilal 19/09/2018 Dialectics of Rational and Irrational Mind in Ian McEwan’s Select Novels
Pinki Yadav 27/03/2019 Women as Agency of Change in Select Novels Of Preeti Shinoy.
Vinita Bakhshi 27/03/2019 Images of woman in Girish Karnad's select plays.
Garima 09/10/2019 From Subjugation to Assertion: A Study of Select Novels of Anita Nair & Manju Kapur
Ajay Kumar 09/10/2019 Caste and Gender
Anuradha 27/03/2019 Feminism
Lalita Panwar 16/05/2019 Images of Woman in Anita Nair: A Study of Select Novels
Arpita Sawhney 16/05/2019 From a Windowless Prison to an Open House: Reenvisioning History in Toni Morrison's Select Novels
Vineet Kumar 19/03/2020 Postcolonial Studies, Contemporary British Fiction, Literary Theory, Cultural Studies, and Digital Literature.
Varsha 20/03/2020 Relocating the Dignity of Women: A Study of Bama Faustina and P. Sirakami
Kajal Sharma 19/03/2020 Dynamics of Change: A Study of Caryl Churchill’s Plays
Krishan Lal 19/03/2020 Colonial Consciousness and Post Colonial Appropriation in Mulk Raj Anand's Across the Black Waters: A Stylistic Study
Rashmi Devi 28/04/2021 Empowering the Powerless: A Study of Select Novels of Indra Goswami
Monika Rani 28/04/2021 Socio-Political Concerns in Khaled Hosseini’s Fiction
Aman Deep 15/06/2021 Reconstructing the Nation in Amitav Ghosh’s Select Novels
Manisha 18/10/2021 Indian Writing

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