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Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Research Scholars

Name Date of Research Area of Research Work Email
Ms. Taniya Gupta 20.09.2018 Goal-Orientation, Procrastination and Self-Regulated Learning as Correlates of Self-Handicapping Among College Students of Haryana
Mr. Ravinder Singh 23-05-2020 Teaching Effectiveness of School Teachers in Relation to their TechnoPedagogical Competence, Professional Commitment and Work Motivation
Ms. Parmeela Devi 07-02-2022 Happiness and Resilience Among Secondary School Students in Relation to their personality and School Environment
Mr. Sunil Kumar 28.03.2019 Effect of TPACK based Programme on Attitude of Pupil-Teachers Towards Using Cyber Resources, their SelfEfficacy and Teaching Competency
Ms. Amandeep Kau 04.05.2016 Effect of e-content on Achievement of Secondary School Students in Mathematics and their Attitude Toward Mathematics,
Ms. Manisha Saini 01.10.2022 Academic Achievement, Parental & Teacher Acceptance-Rejection As CoRelates of Academic Freedom
Ms. Menaka Kaul 09-08-2019 Academic Performance of Adolescents in Relation to their E-Learning Readiness, Social support and Psychological Wellbeing
Ms. Tamanna Jain 15.07.2022 Academic Success Among Post Graduate Students in Relation to their Cognitive Style, Contextual Influence and Social Networking Usage

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