PHD Programme

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S. No.Name of the DepartmentName of the Programme
1EnglishPh.D. (English)
2HindiPh.D. (Hindi)
3Library & Information SciencesPh.D.(Library & Information Sciences)
4PanjabiPh.D. (Punjabi)
5CommercePh.D. (Commerce)
6Tourism & Hotel ManagementPh.D. Tourism
7Tourism & Hotel ManagementPh.D. (Hotel Management)
8Institute of Mass Communication & Media TechnologyPh.D. (Journalism & Mass Communication)
9University School of ManagementPh.D. (Management)
10EducationPh.D. (Education)
11Physical EducationPh.D. (Physical Education)
12University Institute of Engineering & TechnologyPh.D. (Computer Sci. & Engg.)
13University Institute of Engineering & TechnologyPh.D. (Biotechnology Engg.)
14University Institute of Engineering & TechnologyPh.D. (Electronics & Communication Engg.)
15University Institute of Engineering & TechnologyPh.D. (Mechanical Engg.)
16University Institute of Engineering & TechnologyPh.D.(Physics under Faculty of Engg. & Technology)
17University Institute of Engineering & TechnologyPh.D.(Chemistry under Faculty of Engg. & Technology)
18University Institute of Engineering & TechnologyPh.D.(Mathematical under Faculty of Engg. & Technology)
19Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology (AIH)Ph.D. (Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology)
20Fine ArtsPh.D. (Fine Arts)
21Music & DancePh.D. (Music)
22PhilosophyPh.D. (Philosophy)
23Sanskrit, Pali & PrakritPh.D. (Sanskrit, Pali & Prakrit)
24Bio-ChemistryPh.D. (Bio-chemistry)
25Bio-technologyPh.D. (Bio-technology)
26BotanyPh.D. (Botany)
27Home SciencePh.D. (Home Science, Food Nutrition)
28Micro-biologyPh.D. (Micro-biology)
29ZoologyPh.D. (Zoology)
30Institute of Environmental StudiesPh.D. (Environmental Science)
31LawPh.D. (Law)
32Institute of Pharmaceutical SciencesPh.D. (Pharmacy)
33ChemistryPh.D. (Chemistry)
34Computer Science & ApplicationsPh.D. (Computer Science)
35Electronic SciencePh.D. (Electronic Science)
36GeographyPh.D. (Geography)
37GeologyPh.D. (Geology)
38GeophysicsPh.D. (Geophysics)
39InstrumentationPh.D. (Instrumentation)
40MathematicsPh.D. (Mathematics)
41PhysicsPh.D. (Physics)
42Statistic & Operational ResearchPh.D. (Statistics)
43EconomicsPh.D. (Economics)
44HistoryPh.D. (History)
Ph.D. (Politacal Science)
46PsychologyPh.D. (Psychology)
47Public AdministrationPh.D. (Public Administration)
48Social WorkPh.D. (Social Work)
49SociologyPh.D. (Sociology)