Scheme Of Examinations

Semester 1
Course No. Course Title
EEM-101 Principles of Electronics-I
EEM-102 Electronic Devices, Components and Assemblies-I
EEM -103 Practical-I
Semester 2
Course No. Course Title
EEM -201 Principles of Electronics-II
EEM -202 Electronic Devices, Components and AssembliesII
EEM -203 Practical-II
Semester 3
Course No. Course Title
EEM -301 Operational Principles of Audio and Video Systems
EEM -302 Microprocessor 8085 & Interfacing
EEM - 303 Practical-I
Semester 4
Course No. Course Title
EEM -401 Advanced Digital Electronics
EEM -402 8051 : Programming & Applications
EEM -403 Practical-II
Semester 5
Course No. Course Title
DSE-EEM-501 (ELECTIVE-I) Electronic Instrumentation
DSE-EEM-501 (ELECTIVE-I) Computer Hardware & Maintenance-I
DSE-EEM-502 Consumer Electronics
DSE-EEM-502 Transducers and Sensors
EEM-503 Skill Development MOOC/SWAYAM Course
EEM-504 Major Project
Semester 6
Course No. Course Title
DSE-EEM-601 (ELECTIVEII) Electronic Equip. Maintenance
DSE-EEM-601 (ELECTIVEII) Computer Hardware & Maintenance-II
DSE-EEM - 602 Biomedical Equip. Maintenance
DSE-EEM - 602 Embedded Systems & Robotics
EEM -604 Practical
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