Scheme Of Examinations

Semester 1
Course No. Course Title
M-GEO-101 (core) Climatology
M-GEO-102 (core) Geography of India
M-GEO-103 (core) Economic Geography
M-GEO-104 (core) Statistical Methods in Geography
M-GEO-105 (core) Cartographic Methods in Geography (Theory)
M-GEO-106 (core) Cartographic Methods in Geography (Practical)
Semester 3
Course No. Course Title
M-GEO-301 (core) Geography and Ecosystems
M-GEO-302 (core) Field Methods in Geography (Socio-economic) (Theory)
M-GEO-303(i) (elective) Urban Geography
M-GEO-303(ii) (elective) Geography of Wellbeing with Special Reference to India
M-GEO-303(iii) (elective) Fluvial Geomorphology
M-GEO-303(iv) (elective) Climate Change and Earth Systems
M-GEO-303 (v) (elective) Resource Geography
M-GEO-304 (i) (elective) Political Geography
M-GEO-304 (ii) (elective) Geography of Rural Settlements
M-GEO-304 (iii) (elective) Soil Geography
M-GEO-304 (iv) (elective) Geography and Disaster Management
M-GEO-304 (v) (elective) Biogeography
M-GEO-305 (core) Introduction to Remote Sensing (Theory)
M-GEO-306 (core) Introduction to Remote Sensing (Practical)
M-GEO-307 (core) Project Report Based on Field Survey
M-GEO-OE-304 General Geography of World
Semester 4
Course No. Course Title
M-GEO-401 (core) Geographical Thought
M-GEO-402 (core) Hydrology and Oceanography
M-GEO-403(i) (elective) Regional Geography of India with Special Reference to Haryana
M-GEO-403 (ii) (elective) Health Geography with Special Reference to India
M-GEO-403 (iii) (elective) Social Geography with Special Reference to India
M-GEO-403(iv) (elective) Coastal Geomorphology
M-GEO-403 (v) (elective) Tropical Climatology
M-GEO-404 (i) (elective) Gender Geography
M-GEO-404 (ii) (elective) Geography of Tourism with Special Reference to India
M-GEO-404 (iii) (elective) Cultural Geography
M-GEO-404 (iv) (elective) Geography of Water Resources
M-GEO-404 (v) (elective) Urbanization in India
M-GEO-405 (core) Fundamentals of Geographical Information Systems (Theory)
M-GEO-406 (core) Fundamentals of Geographical Information Systems (Practical)
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