Jawaharlal Nehru Library

University Of Kurukshetra




The JLN Library established on 11th January 1957, is located at a central place in the middle of various departments and Institutes of Kurukshetra University. The foundation stone of the present building was laid down on 17thJuly, 1967 by the then Chief Minister Rao Virender Singh and ultimately library was shifted in its new building in July 18, 1972.

The Library has a total plinth area of 114205 sq. feet besides beautiful well maintained lush green parks and vehicle parking. The JLN Library comprises of three blocks i.e.  Ranganathan Block, Ram Prasad Bismil Golden Jubilee Reading Hall and Savitri Bai Phule Block and have seating capacity of 1390.

The University Library system consists of a Central Library and Branch or departmental libraries. The Central Library supports the general and specific information requirements of the users whereas the department libraries cater to only specific subject needs of the users, both for study and research.It has advanced its web activity with the sub s c r  i p t i o n of high quality electronic databases being made available through campus-wide-network to the teachers, students and research scholars. 


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