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Women’s Studies Reserch Centre (WSRC) established in 1989, is committed to address women’s issues through education system. To meet the objective WSRC offers two interdisciplinary postgraduate programmes; PG Diploma in Women’s Studies and Master’s Programme in Women’s Studies. These programmes are focussed on varius aspects of women development and contribution of women in society like women education, Laws, political developments, economics, media, health, leadership and enable the learner to understand key issues of Women’s Studies with its theoretical roots and develop critical thinking for emerging gender concerns, current feminist debates, institutional and legal support for gender equality. Field work as an integral component of the programme helps the students to translate theoretical knowledge of concepts and issues of Women’s Studies into practice.

Women’s Studies students may find career opportunities in various departments related to Panchayati Raj, Education, Health, Women and Child Development and also in the Human Rights Commissions. They may also work in research projects for women development and empowerment being run by different educational institutions, governmental and non- governmental organizations.



The main objectives of the Women’s Studies Research Centre has been both academic and   social:

  • Address women’s issues through education system.
  • Develop, create, evaluate and undertake research projects related to gender issues.
  • Network, mentor, train and organize multidisciplinary activities for women.
  • Supplement the development plans of the State/Central Government through various schemes and collaboration.


  • To promote and strengthen Women’s Studies
  • To create a database on the status of women
  • To bring out empirical change in patriarchal mindset of the community by creating awareness on gender issues by promoting mainstreaming gender by conducting training programs, workshops, seminars, conferences, symposium and gender audit of the University

Prof. Anita Rani Dua

Chairperson Speaks

Established in 1989 as UGC Nodal Centre, Women’s Studies Research Centre (WSRC)  reflects the institute`s policy of inclusive and sustainable development. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of women through social change in a scientific manner. WSRC is actively working for women empowerment and Gender equality through academic, training, research and extension programmes. Besides sensitising young generation through academic programmes, WSRC is actively working on capacity building through one-on-one and in-person training that has transformed thousands of lives over past 30+ years.

Health care and skill enhancement are two key components of empowerment. WSRC drives Health care and nutritional awareness campaigns for women in rural areas to upscale the efficiency and productivity of the segment directly and economics of individual, family and society indirectly. The immersive hands-on skill enhancement programs are well received and acclaimed by the community. 

Centre develops, creates, evaluates and undertakes the research projects related to gender issues to supplement and assist the development plans of the State/ Central Government through various schemes and collaborations.



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