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Kurukshetra, the land of Mahabharat, is a district town of Haryana located in the close vicinity to National Highway No. 1that connects it with the national capital of India. It is considered the religious capital city of Haryana and is famous all over the globe for its magnificent divine lakes and ponds. Kurukshetra University is one of the top state universities of Haryana and acclaimed all over the world for its academic excellence. The Department of Statistics and Operational Research, therefore, delights in sharing the same rich legacy associated with the place.

The Department of Statistics and Operational Research has a vibrant Post graduate program that prepares students for opportunities in leading companies as well as academics. The M. Sc. in Statistics program formulates students to work as statistical consultants and articulates them to emphasize a meaningful collaboration & communication with non-statisticians as well. The Department also offers Doctoral program in Statistics. Our M. Sc. and PhD programs prepare students to face the challenges of the Big Data era arising in an assorted array of fields and its areas of applications in diverse domains. With Post graduate and Doctoral qualifications, Statisticians may find jobs that require working with data in many sectors, including those in Business, Government, Academia, Public Health, Technology and other Science fields. 


Be globally acknowledged as a distinguished centre of academic excellence.


To prepare a class of proficient scholars and professionals with ingrained human values and commitment to expand the frontiers of knowledge for the advancement of society

Dr. Mukender Singh Kadyan



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