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The Department of Panjabi was established in 1979 in this University to promote Panjabi Language, Literature and Culture to the desired standard in Haryana State and to emphasize on Panjabi teaching and research activities.The department was started with one Lecturer and one Reader. At present, there are three regular & one on contract basis faculty members in the department i.e. one Professor two Assistant professor as permanent and one on contract. All faculty members are well-known and well-reputed for their contribution in the field of Panjabi Language, Literature, Culture and Research activities. At present the department is running courses like M.A. (Panjabi under CBCS scheme), M.Phil., Ph.D. and certificate Course in Panjabi. Ratio for male and female students is 40:60. Fourteen Ph.D. scholars have been pursuing Ph.D. research work as URS, JRF and registered scholar in the various specialized fields of Panjabi, Language, Literature and culture. More than 140 students of this department have qualified the JRF/NET & SLET tests. The department has absolutely indulged in research pursuits and so many eminent scholars as Professor Attar Singh, Professor Harbhajan Singh, Professor Darshan Singh. Professor Prem Prakash Singh, Prof. Satinder Singh, Prof. S.S.Noor, Prof. Jagbir Singh and Prof. Deepak Manmohan Singh, Prof. Joga Singh, Prof. K.S. Dheer and Prof. Paramjeet Singh Sidhu were invited as Visiting Fellows time to time for delivering the lectures in the department under UGC scheme.The Department has produced more than 200 Ph.D. scholars and four hundred fifty M.Phil. students. The department has a Chair named Guru Gobind Singh Chair for the deep study of gurmat tradition and Sikh heritage.

               The department is well known for organizing various National and International Seminars/Conferences/Symposium etc time to time for the promotion of Panjabi language, literature and culture in the Haryana State. In addition to this the department has organized Refresher Courses in Panjabi and a Inter-disciplinary Refresher Course in Languages too. The department is holding all the responsibilities to prepare lesson plans and to conduct PCP of M.A. (Panjabi) of Department of Distance Education of this University.


To maintain the pride of Panjabi Language, Literature, Culture and Folklore in the present era

To educate every student morally aware, socially responsible, academically sound and globally competent citizen.

Dr. Kuldeep Singh

Chairperson Speaks

India has always been a diverse nation, be it culture or language. In the modern era, languages are not merely used for communication; they have various other roles. One of the world’s 10 most spoken languages is Punjabi, and India has a large community with Punjabi as their primary language. In the modern education system, there are many courses designed for language learning. The course is provided by many universities not only across India but also abroad. The Punjabi Language Course emphasizes literature, origin, and the social aspects with study topics like Poetry, Punjabi Folklore, Punjabi novel, and Western Literature Approaches.

Students can find many Degree courses in Punjabi along with graduation and post-graduation, with ample career opportunities in both the private and government sectors. Eligibility Criteria (UG & PG) of Punjabi. Languages have been an integral part of our life, and now their role is transformed from communication to multiple new domains. It might seem that there is not much scope when it comes to learning a language, but it’s quite the opposite. Candidate with graduation or master’s degree is highly preferred for hiring is not only in the private and government sector in India but also abroad. The students have opportunities to work in sectors like tourism, education, translating literature. The degree allows aspirants to do Punjabi jobs of an interpreter which might be of different types, such as general interpreting, consecutive interpreting, and liaison interpreting. With International Organizations like UNESCO stepping up onto programs like language preservation, the academic domain of languages is getting global attention and more employment opportunities are created in this field. Students can also be a part of various NGOs working at the national and international level for language preservation. This will not only earn them a good salary, but they can work for a better cause in their field. The growing market of literature is also a very prominent part of the Punjabi Language Sector along with universities and college hiring for teaching purposes. The availability of these job profiles is dependent on the candidate’s hard work, but due to less competition, they can begin their career from prestigious job profiles. Undertaking the course provides students with expertise in the field of Punjabi Language, and with some of the major NGOs working in the same sector, the scope and employment opportunities are at a rise.



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