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Department of Psychology came into existence after bifurcation from the Department of Philosophy in 1978.  It is located at 2nd floor of Geophysics-Psychology Block of the University.  The department is offering three courses i.e. M. A., Ph. D. and P. G. Diploma in Guidance, Counseling and Psychotherapy. The students/ research scholars of the department are provided with extensive exposure and training mainly in the areas of Social Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Mental Abilities, Personality, Psychometrics, Clinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling, Military Psychology, Research Methods and Statistics, and Organizational Behaviour. 

The department has qualified and experienced teaching faculty. They are specialized in different fields of the subject i.e. Clinical Psychology, Mental Abilities, Psychometrics, Guidance and Counseling, Social Psychology, Personality, Psychometrics, Organizational Behaviour etc.  The department has rich laboratories equipped with advanced equipments and can be considered as one of the most enriched laboratories in Northern India. The department is also running a Psycho-clinic which providesPsycho diagnostic and Therapeutic/ Counseling facilities to the university students as well as community specifically for psychosomatic and associated disorders. The faculty is actively engaged in conducting and guiding research in following thrust areas:-

  • Social Psychology
  • Personality and Motivation
  • Mental Abilities
  • Psychometrics
  • Clinical and Health Psychology
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Aggression and Violence

The other thrust areas that department intends to pick up are Rural Studies and Cross-Cultural Research, simply because of the fact that Haryana lives in villages. Social problems with rural orientation would constitute a main area for future research.


To usher as an outstanding center to promote education, research and skills in the field of Psychology. 


  •  To produce trained manpower and carry out research and development activities in the
    field of Psychology.
  •  To prepare self-reliant professionals in the area of Clinical Psychology, Organizational
    Behaviour, Guidance & Counseling, Developmental Psychology and Psychological
  •  To support research scholars and faculty in the exploration, discovery, and application of
    knowledge in the field of Psychology.

Prof. Rohtash Singh

Chairperson Speaks

Department has qualified and experienced teaching faculty, all with doctorate degree, specialized in different fields of Psychology i.e. Clinical Psychology, Mental Abilities, Psychometrics, and Organizational Behaviour.  The faculty members are well trained in the area of Clinical Psychology, Psychological Testing, Test Construction and Multivariate Analyses.  The Department has rich laboratories equipped with latest equipments specifically in the field of Psychological Assessment. This laboratory setup is one of the best setup in Northern India.Bio-feed Back/ Bio-trainer, Sleep Inducer, Stammer suppressor, Millon Multi-axial Inventory, Neuro psychological Assessment Battery are some of tools that are being used in psychological assessment and training purpose of the students. The Department is also running a psycho-clinic which provides psycho-diagnostic and therapeutic / counselling facilities to community specifically for psychosomatic and associated disorders.The courses running in department are very much useful for individual as well as the society. The main aim of the department is to trained the students in different domains of Psychology and prepare the professionals who can deal psychological problems in different set-up including health sector.



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