Department of Geography
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Department of Geography
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

About Us

Department of Geography started in 1963 at undergraduate level and subsequently elated to postgraduate level in 1967. At present the department is running two  programmes of M.Sc. & Ph.D. These courses in geography prepare the students for pursuing career in academics, teaching, urban and regional planning, applications of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems and various public services. The faculty of Geography is pursuing research in the broad fields of Agricultural Geography, Urban Geography, Environmental Geography, Health Geography, Gender Geography, Rural Settlement Geography, Geomorphology, and Remote Sensing & GIS Applications for Resource Evaluation. The academic pursuits of the faculty are reflected in the publications of research articles in the national and international journals of repute and several books on varied aspects of geography. The department has state of art GIS and Computer Cartography Laboratory to facilitate studies and research involving remote sensing techniques, GIS software, digital processing of imageries and statistical programmes for processing socio-economic data.


To become a model department as a Centre of quality education, research with innovation and recognition at National and International level for serving the society.


  • M1: To provide quality education to aspiring young minds for improving their skills, inculcating values, creating leadership qualities and enhance research with innovative methods.
  • M2: To produce young geographers who would contribute in the areas of higher education, regional and national planning, development, environment, ethics and sustainable environment development.
  • M3: To develop Teaching-Learning methods which can produce socially committed professionals who contribute effectively in nation building.

Prof. S.P. Kaushik

Chairperson Speaks

The department is a leading academic center of geographical studies in Northern India. It has specialized in the field of agricultural geography. A large number of research studies in the department have focused agricultural aspects and problems in spatial context. Urbanization, settlements and landforms are other issues of interest in the department. Equipped with lab facilities and GIS software the research activities in the department have diversified recently. This includes the fields such as gender, environmental issues, watershed management, health and nutrition, urban planning and rural development



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