Department of Fine Arts
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Department of Fine Arts
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

About Us

The Department of Fine Arts is the First Institution of Fine Arts in Haryana established in year 1995 where professional course in Fine Arts were started. The Department is successfully running Under-Graduate Programme i.e. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) – 4 Years Degree Course in Painting, Applied Art & Sculpture Stream since 2004 and Post Graduate Programme i.e. Master of Fine Arts (MFA) – 2 Years Degree Course in Painting, Applied Art, Sculpture & Printmaking since 2008 and M.A. (Fine Arts) – 2 Years Degree Course in Painting & Applied Art Stream since 1995. The Department is also contributing in the field of Research by running Ph.D Programme in Fine Arts since its establishment.



Department of Fine Arts aims to achieve international standards of excellence in the Undergraduate & Postgraduate education of artists and designers and related practitioners. It aims to achieve these through the quality of its teaching, research and practice and through its relationship with the institutions, industries and technologies associated with the disciplines of Art and Design.


Our objectives are ‘to advance learning, knowledge and professional competence particularly in the fields of fine arts, in the principles and practice of art and design in their relation to industrial and commercial processes and social developments and other subjects relating thereto, through teaching, research and collaboration with industry and commerce.


Department achieved 7th Rank in in 2015 issue and  5th Rank in 2018 issue of Top Fine Arts Institutions in India according to the ‘Nielsen Survey’ published in ‘India Today Magazine”.

Dr. Ram Viranjan

Chairperson Speaks

With its different specializations and based on its perspective, the Department of Fine Arts embraces and acts upon the idea that art is the soul of nations, and that civilization rises from art. Creative art reflects the philosophy and tenderness of the artist thought. From here, the Department aims basically to enhance the academic thinking and the artistic one side by side with focus on proficiency and practical application put at its top priority the maintenance of a distinguished and pioneering level on the national level and to compete with academic education institution on international level. It also supports the continuous development of the department, according to what different artistic directions and the renovated art work techniques of all levels require.

That’s why, we find ourselves, in a persistent effort to develop our tools and methods, to encourage our students to do more research and study to stimulate them for more creativity and distinction and to ensure the team work spirit.

We have our special vision in the course of development that goes vertically in each specialization on its own, and horizontally to establish more of the related specializations. In addition to that we aim to enhance the role of the faculty in achieving more projects related to university activities, and to prepare and organize exhibitions and workshops with the participation of the societies of the local community.

We have faith that we are, in the Department of Fine Arts, capable of developing a comprehensive vision, where the staff members and students cohere to develop the professional generation we all look forward to.



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