Department of English
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Department of English
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

About Us

The faculty members of the department are intellectual leaders in literary studies who are involved in interdisciplinary research and studies. The department offers Masters and Doctoral programmes where the senior and young faculty together bring their experience to the doorstep of students and scholars to make the study of literature intellectually stimulating. In the Masters courses students have the opportunity to acquire fundamental analytical skills to read diverse texts, to learn about the powers of argument and analysis, and to see the big picture of literature’s development from the Middle Ages to the present. We make our students learn through their reading of diverse texts the richness of human experiences and to appreciate common values and the differences between those experiences across cultures, places, and times.  The doctoral programme offers an opportunity to the scholars to do research texts from different cultural backgrounds through the lens of contemporary theories and interdisciplinary studies. 


Be globally acknowledged as a distinguished centre of academic excellence

To prepare a class of proficient scholars and professionals with ingrained human values and commitment to expand the frontiers of knowledge for the advancement of society.

Prof. Brajesh Sawhney

Chairperson Speaks

One of the premier departments of Kurukshetra University established in 1961, the English department is the cornerstone of the humanities at Kurukshetra University. The pioneer faculty of English—Prof. Sarup Singh, Prof. B. K. Kalia, Prof. Bhim S. Dahiya, Prof. O. P. Grewal, Prof. G.K. Talib and Prof R.S. Sing—was an eclectic group of scholars who pioneered English Studies in Haryana. Today, the faculty continues to reflect the pioneering spirit of its founders by conducting research and teaching across the traditions of British, American, Indian and World literatures. We encourage our students to develop the art of close reading, interpretation, and the skill of problem solving through critical thinking. With a view to keep our students a top priority among all the stakeholders, the Department has always focussed on producing well-trained and well-rounded human resource to serve traditional and professional fields.



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