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The Department of Education of Kurukshetra University, established in the year 1963, has been widening its horizon over the years in the field of Education. It was the first Department in the country to start 4 Year Integrated Course of B. A. B. Ed. Academic Staff College, Women Studies Research Centre and Adult Education Centre were part of the Department of Education till mid 1990s. At present, the Department is running B.Ed. Spl. Edu-V.I.;M.Ed. Spl. Edu-V.I.; M.A. Education, M.Ed and Ph.D. Education Programmes. All the programmes are approved by respective Regulatory Bodies. The M.Ed.(Two Years Programme) is approved by NCTE; M.Ed. Spl. Edu.-V.I. and B.Ed.Spl. Edu.-V.I. Two Years  Programme each) are approved by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), New Delhi; M.A Education and Ph.D. Education programmes are approved by UGC.  Department has been conducting researches in the area of Teaching and Learning, Teacher Education, Development of Audio and Computer Assisted Materials, Education of Learners with Diverse Needs, Elementary Education etc. The Department had been a pioneering Department to start Special Education courses i.e. M.Ed. Spl. Edu.-V. I.and B.Ed. Spl. Edu.-V.I. in 1990 and 1991 respectively. 

The goals of the Department includes  providing an exposure to students in a variety of training programmes and situations at all levels viz. B.Ed. Spl. Edu.-V.I., M.Ed. Spl. Edu.-V.I, M.Ed. General and M.A. Education. The Department was sanctioned DSA under SAP by the UGC in 1987.The Department was sanctioned SAP (DRS-III) from 2013-2018. The identified thrust areas were: (i) Teacher Education (ii) Elementary Education. The Department has been getting projects sponsored by AICTE, NCERT, NUEPA, MHRD and Government of Haryana. In the recent past, two MoUs were signed with MHRD, Government of India for monitoring the work of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and Mid Day Meal (MDM) for Haryana state (i) from 2008 to 2010 and (ii) from 2010 to 2012. Another MoU was signed with NCERT for MHRD, Government of India sponsored Research Study entitled ‘A Study of Impact of In-Service Teacher Training under SSA on Class Room Transaction’ for Haryana State. The Department has been continuously revising and upgrading curricula of Undergraduate and Post-Graduate courses in Education from time to time in accordance with the curricular Framework of regulatory bodies for different courses, viz – UGC, RCI and NCTE. 


To contribute substantially and got placed in frontline in achieving the goals and objectives of NEP, 2020 and especially in the field of Teacher Education in synchronization with the planned and coordinated efforts and developments of the regulators NCTE, RCI and UGC to establish as top best department in the field of Teacher 0Education.

Mission of the Department is to work effectively and efficiently with full zeal, dedication and enthusiasm in accordance to the norms and regulations and standards set by the regulators viz NCTE, RCI, UGC and achieve the goals and objectives set by these regulators.

To provide quality   Doctorates Teacher Educators, (both in the field of General and Special Education) and Special Teachers so that utmost contribution towards  quality in overall System of Education may be ensured at Local, District  State and National level.

Dr. Rajvir Singh

Chairperson Speaks

Established in the year 1963  i.e. before the establishment of NCTE and is continuously working with full zeal and enthusiasm and dedication in the field of Teacher Education, Special Education and general Education. The Department is producing quality Doctorates, teacher educators and teaches in the field of general and special education by following all norms, regulations and standards set by the regulators NCTE, RCI and UGC. The Department is having qualified staff and non-teaching staff members and scholars who makes continuous efforts in shaping the behavior of students and their attainment levels through continuous and comprehensive evaluation viz CBCS-LOCF framework adopted by the university. Department focus on all round development of the students and hence emphasize on participation of students in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in the Department as well as university level. Seminars, Assignments, Internal Tests, Field Works, Research Work and Internship are integral components in almost all UG and PG programmes of the Department.



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