Department of Botany
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Department of Botany
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

About Us

The Department of Botany, established in 1967, flourished under the capable guidance of renowned botanists who have made significant contributions to the field. These notable individuals include Dr. S.P. Singh, Prof. K.S. Bhargava, Prof. C.L. Mandhar, Prof. J.S. Singh, Prof. R.S. Mehrotra, Prof. M.L.H. Kaul, Prof. S.N. Bhambie, Prof. L.C. Lamba, Prof. Keshav Trehan, Prof. D. Mukherjee, Prof. N. K. Matta, Prof. S.R. Gupta, Prof. Ashok Aggarwal, Prof. B.D. Vashistha, Prof. Neelu Sood, and Dr. C.B. Singh. Currently, the department is led by Professor Narender Singh, who serves as the Chairman, along with four Assistant Professors, Dr. Somveer Jakhar, Dr. Yogesh Kumar, Dr. Amita Sharma, and Dr. Ashish Prasad.

Within the department, there is a growing focus on the research of medicinal and aromatic plants, encompassing agrotechnology, ethnobotany, identification, and utilization. Numerous in vitro propagation protocols have been developed for important medicinal plants. The department actively analyzes biological diversity and indigenous plants for bioprospecting purposes. Notably, several faculty members have filed patents, and the department has published approximately 700 research papers and scientific articles in esteemed national and international journals. Moreover, over 100 Ph.D. students have been produced across various branches of Botany.

The department has successfully completed several research projects, thanks to funding from various agencies. Faculty members have pursued higher studies and advanced training abroad, as well as participated in international conferences and congresses. Additionally, the faculty members hold memberships in various national and international associations and societies. The department regularly welcomes distinguished professors and scientists from other universities and institutions who deliver lectures. Furthermore, research scholars and faculty members collaborate with premier institutes across the country, fostering a culture of research excellence


  1. Prof. Narender Singh, Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, UK
  2. Prof. Neelu Sood, Salzburg Seminars Global Alumni, Austria
  3. Dr. Ashish Prasad, Newton-Bhabha Fellowship, Durham University, Durham, UK



The department aspires to cultivate scientific and technical expertise, aiming to establish itself as a center of excellence in the realm of plant sciences. This vision encompasses offering specialized services to research organizations, industries, and educational institutes in diverse fields such as Phycology, Plant Tissue Culture, Ecology, Biodiversity characterization and conservation, Stress physiology, Molecular biology, Seed storage proteins, Ethnobotany, and Natural plant product development.

In pursuit of this vision, the department strives to forge institutional partnerships and implement efficient management systems to foster the optimal generation of human resources. By doing so, the department aims to not only enhance its own capabilities but also contribute significantly to the scientific community and beyond.


To produce high moral valued scholars that can collaborate with communities, industries and other institutions.

Prof. Narender Singh

Chairperson Speaks

The Department of Botany functions as a distinguished hub for acquiring knowledge in the field of plant science. Its primary objective and emphasis lie in equipping students with holistic development opportunities. Both the Teaching and Non-Teaching staff adopt a student-centric approach, aiming to instil strong moral values and impart high-quality, curriculum-focused education.

Numerous alumni from our department have successfully assumed prominent positions in various educational and research institutions, as well as excelling in diverse career paths such as IAS, IPS, and IFS. On behalf of the department, I assure you that I will exert my utmost efforts to help students achieve their goals and aspirations.



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