Dean of Indic Studies

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Designation : Dean, Indic Studies
Qualification : M.A., D.Phil.
Specilization : Drawing and Painting
Research Areas : Prehistoric Painting and Contemporary Indian Art
Contact Details : 9416236935, Extn. 2998
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Brief Profile:

Professor (Dr.) Ram Viranjan has an illustrious carrier of 29 years starting from J.V. Jain College, Saharanpur as a lecturer in Fine Arts. He did all his higher education from University of Allahabad. He joined as a lecturer in Kurukshetra University in 1996. He became chairperson in the Department of Fine Arts in 2004 and continued till 2020. During his tenure as a Chairman he started B.F.A and M.F.A. first time in the State of Haryana. Now the Department is a very famous and stands Top-10 Art institute in the country. He has also worked as Vice-Rector in Pavlodar State University, Kazakhstan from April-November 2018.Beside as an administrator he is very renowned artist of the country and thirteen solo exhibitions in his credit including National and International Art galleries/institutions. He participated in many international trinnale and binaale in China, South Korea, Thailand, U.S.A, Malaysia, Romania, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Albania, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Bulgaria and India. He participated in more than 120 Art workshops in India and abroad. He also participated in more than 150 Art Exhibitions in the country itself. He is an author of a book “Contemporary Art of India” and published more than twenty Research Papers and many popular articles in newspapers and magazines. He was associated with many universities (more than 20) as a member of B.O.S. in Fine Arts. He was the first curator of Dharohar museum at Kurukshetra University. He visited three countries (China, South Korea and Kazakhstan as a professional artist, visiting professor and administrator.