Dean of Education

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Designation : Professor
Qualification : M.P.Ed., M. Phil., Ph. D., N.E.T., S.E.T
Specilization : Kinesiology, Bio-mechanics, Statistical Techniques, Test- Measurement.
Research Areas : Exercise Physiology, 2D:4D, Testosterone and Doping in Sports.
Contact Details : 9416104101
E-mail :

Dean’s Message

The Faculty of Education comprises of leading departments and institutions in the region providing training to future teachers, pedagogical professionals and other professionals. The key principle underlying the Faculty’s development as a modern education provider is a shift in focus away from quantity and towards quality and the pursuit of strategic goals in its teaching and research activities. Responding flexibly to dynamically changing circumstances, the Faculty is capable of developing new adaptation strategies applicable to its organizational structure, models of education management, research and creative activities, and management of resources and personnel.
In its teaching activities, the Faculty responds to the latest trends – both in terms of content and methodology – at all levels of the education system, and it is able to adapt to new professional requirements created by ongoing legislative changes affecting pedagogical professions. Taking into account the long-term interests of its students, the Faculty applies highly effective forms and methods of teaching. It offers an excellent standard of tuition and a wide range of degree subjects on all three levels – Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral. The Faculty is also active in developing all forms of lifelong learning in order to expand students’ existing qualifications, broaden their scope or enable them to specialize in particular areas.
In its research activities, the Faculty’s main priority focus is on supporting teams of scholars working in areas closely related to the Faculty’s goals. The Faculty’s research teams are also active in projects funded via the UGC, ICMR, DST and ICSSR. We are committed to inspiring and transforming communities of practice through teaching, research, service and leadership.