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Sr. no.Name of the DepartmentName of the Programme
1Bio-ChemistryM.Sc. (Bio-chemistry)
2Bio-technologyM.Sc.  (Bio-technology)
3BotanyM.Sc. (Botany)
4Home ScienceM.Sc. (Food, Nutrition & Dietetics)
5Home ScienceM.Sc. (Human Development)
6Micro-biologyM.Sc.  (Micro-biology)
7ZoologyM.Sc.  (Zoology)
8ZoologyM.Sc. (Forensic Science)
9Institute of Environmental StudiesM.Sc. (Environmental Science)
10Institute of Environmental StudiesM.Tech. (Energy & Environmental Management)
11ChemistryM.Sc.  (Chemistry)/(Chemistry with Specialization in Pharmaceuticals)
12Computer Science & ApplicationsM.Sc (Computer Science) (Software)
13Computer Science & ApplicationsM.Tech. Computer Science & Engneering
14Computer Science & ApplicationsMaster of Computer Application (MCA)
15Electronic ScienceM.Sc. (Electronic Science)
16Electronic ScienceM.Tech (Micro Electronics & VLSI Design)
17Electronic ScienceM.Tech (Nano Science & Technology) Programme Suspended w.e.f. 2021-22
18GeographyM.Sc.  (Geography)
19GeologyM.Sc. (Applied Geology)
20GeologyM.Tech. (Applied Geology) 5 Year Integrated Course
21GeophysicsM.Sc. (Tech.) in Applied Geophysics
22InstrumentationM.Tech  (Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering)
23MathematicsM.Sc. (Mathematics)
24PhysicsM.Sc. (Physics)
25Statistic & Operational ResearchM.Sc. (Statistics)
26University Institute of Engineering & TechnologyM.Tech (Bio-Technology)
27University Institute of Engineering & TechnologyM.Tech (Computer Engineering)
28University Institute of Engineering & TechnologyM.Tech (Electrical Engineering)
29University Institute of Engineering & TechnologyM.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering)
30University Institute of Engineering & TechnologyM.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) (With Specialization in Industrial & Production
31University Institute of Engineering & TechnologyM.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) (With Specialization in Thermal Engineering)
32University Institute of Engineering & TechnologyM.Tech (Defence Technology)
33Institute of Pharmaceutical SciencesM. Pharmacy
34CommerceM.Com (Master of Commerce)
35Tourism & Hotel ManagementMaster of Hotel Mangement and Catering Technology (MHM&CT)
36Tourism & Hotel ManagementMaster of Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM)
37Institute of Management StudiesMBA (Master of Business Administration) (5 Year Integrated Practics Oriented Course)
38Institute of Mass Communication & Media TechnologyM.A. (Journalism & Mass Communicaiton)
39Institute of Mass Communication & Media TechnologyM.Sc. (Mass Communicaiton)
40University School of ManagementMBA (under Budgeted Scheme)/(Under SFS Scheme)
41EnglishM.A. (English)
42HindiM.A. (Hindi)
43Library & Information ScienceMaster of Library & Information Sciences
44PanjabiM.A. (Panjabi)
45Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology (AIH)M.A.  (Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology)
46Fine ArtsM.A. (Fine Arts)
47Fine ArtsMaster of Fine Arts (MFA)
48Music & DanceM.A. (Vocal & Instrumental)
49Music & DanceMaster of Performing Arts MPA(Hons.) 5 Year Integrated Programme
50PhilosophyM.A. (Philosophy)
51Sanskrit, Pali & PrakritM.A. (Sanskrit)
52EconomicsM.A. (Economics)
53EconomicsM.A. (Business Economics)
54HistoryM.A. (History)
55Political ScienceM.A. (Political Science)
56Political ScienceM.A. (Defence Strategic Studies)
57PsychologyM.A. (Psychology)
58Public AdministrationM.A.  (Public Administration)
59Social WorkMaster of Social Work (MSW)
60SociologyM.A. (Sociology)
61Women’s Studies Research CentreM.A. (Women’s Studies)
62EducationM.A. (Education)
63EducationM.Ed (Special Education) (Visual Impairment)
64EducationM.Ed (Master of Educaion)
65Physical EducationMaster of Physical Education (M.P.Ed.)
66Physical EducationM.A  (Yoga )
67IIHS(Institute of Integrated & Honors Studies)M.Sc Engineering Physic (5 Year Integrated Course)
68IIHS(Institute of Integrated & Honors Studies)M.Sc. Bio-Technology (5 Year Integrated Course)
69IIHS(Institute of Integrated & Honors Studies)M.Sc. Honours Economics (5 Year Integrated Course)